SMILE Workout

Meet The Team

Gina Buber Founder at SMILEGina B

Founder & Director

Gina was always a dancer at heart. Ever since she remembers, music and movement have been a major influencer in her life. This passion is what led her to become a ballroom & latin professional for over 20 years, with wins in the US Open Youth Latin Championship and more recent years was Australian Salsa Champion.

Since retiring from competition and becoming a certified personal trainer, her focus shifted to the importance of helping people keep fit and how she could utilise dance to achieve this.  She found dance fitness workouts the perfect way to utilise her skills as a dancer and deliver her message to many people around the world.


Helen Team SMILEHelen


Helen has been involved in the fitness industry for most of her life. In the early days of her career she was involved in the group fitness aerobics boom, with matching 80’s leotards! Now being an active mid-lifer, she has a passion for keeping her longevity as a fitness professional and has moved her focus into the low impact arena of fitness. She believes this is the best way to continue a fit an active lifestyle in a safe and effective way.


Sarah Team SMILESarah


Growing up in New Zealand, Sarah’s career in dance and fitness began as a prima ballerina. Ballet always has a special place in her heart, but more recently focus has shifted to dance fitness programs as a way for her to continue keeping fit. Sarah’s superb technique and vibrant personality has added a unique flair to the Smile team.


Valeska Team SMILEValeska


Valeska was born and grew up her whole life in Chile listening and dancing to Latin beats. These latin roots have brought a natural and vibrant passion to her character and filters through into all her endeavours. She is an early childhood educator and a very passionate and dedicated dance fitness instructor. When she has a second to spare, you’ll find her at a yoga class or rock climbing in a beautiful spot somewhere around the world.