SMILE Workout

Why Michael is Smiling…

Michael Does Smile & SWAY with style !

Featured on our latest DVD Smile & SWAY, Michael is the only male member of our team and adds great energy.

By day his true passion is table tennis and he spends around 12 hours per week playing at local clubs perfecting his skill. His other passion is his family and grandchildren. He loves spending time with his family at the beach ( Bronte Beach in Sydney’s East is his favourite ). He recently celebrated his 43nd wedding anniversary with his wife Lara. Michaels other pastime activities include : playing dominoes with friends , swimming, walking, writing poetry and travelling on cruises.

By night, he drives a taxi , always greeting his customers with a smile and some words of wisdom.

Prior to doing this DVD, Michael had no previous experience with dancing and has certainly never been filmed for a DVD, but he was enthusiastic to learn a new form of exercise. With very little practice, he was terrific!

What did he think about the experience?

“I loved it, I never knew that I could have so much fun dancing in a chair. I got better with practice and really got into the music , I will continue doing the program at home as part of my exercise routine. I will do it with my wife and when the grandchildren come to visit“ 

So the moral of the story is that no matter your size, shape, age or wether you're a boy or girl, give Smile & SWAY a go!


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