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10 Ways To Stay Motivated This Winter

For those of us in the southern hemisphere, winter has well and truly arrived. The conditions have left us eating more and doing less. Although you may want to stay snuggled in your warm bed with the heater on full blast, winter shouldn’t be the time your fitness plans hibernate.

So, here are 10 excuse busters to push and inspire you to keep moving through these colder months:

Revisit your goals.

Embrace this time of the year by sitting down and revisiting your goals, then plan out what you’d like to accomplish during the next few months. Reflect on your past accomplishments and current goals; it may even help you see winter in a new, inspired light!

Create heat.

If your heater has a timer, adjust it to warm your home or bedroom before your alarm goes off. Try putting your workout clothes close to the heater so they are toasty warm and ready for you when you climb out of bed. No excuses anymore!

Tune your alarm.

Nobody likes to start their day to the sound of an annoying, repetitive alarm clock. Use your iPod or similar device to play specific songs that get you going. It doesn’t have to be a dance mix but something that lifts your mood and energy!

Find a friend.

Find someone who will commit to joining you in the morning for workouts, and hold you accountable for showing up. Knowing someone is waiting for you may just be the motivation you need to throw back the covers and get out of the house.

Get creative at home.

Not up for braving the cold? Try working out at home where it’s cozy and warm! From popping in a workout DVD to investing in a few pieces of fitness equipment, exercising at home can be a fun and convenient solution to staying on track.

Try something new.

Sign up for a new class or try joining an indoor sports league to get you up and moving during the chilling months. By trying something new, you might reignite your motivation for fitness! From a Zumba class to a yoga course, there’s so much to choose from! You might even meet some new friends!

Get a trainer.

While this may not be available to some, personal trainers are the masters of motivation. If you can’t afford a personal trainer, then try joining a group class and get motivated for a fraction of the price.

Train for an event.

There is nothing like having a short-term goal to work towards to keep you focused and on track with your training. An example of an event could be a simple charity fun-run or if you’re very keen, a marathon!

Tap into technology.

Proclaiming your intention to workout each day on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, your blog or online community (e.g. Nike+) can strengthen your commitment, even if it is to avoid the embarrassment and guilt of not following through.

Reward yourself.

When you reach your goal, reward yourself. No, we’re not talking about a big cake, but more like something special like a new outfit for your new body. There’s nothing like working towards a goal, achieving it, then splashing out to say: “Well done me”.

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